Growth for All: Growing our
people, clients and communities

“To us, smart growth is smart business and it’s inherently linked to our success. By empowering our employees, they are able to propel our clients to ever-greater success, which fuels positive growth in their communities – and when our clients succeed, our own companies and communities succeed.”

– Jim Crawford, President and CEO

Collaborative Solutions:
Developing solutions through

Highgate is focused on developing the best solutions for our clients. To support this focus, we have created a culture of collaboration wherein each of our companies and brands share ideas and support one another to bring new ideas to life. To us, collaboration is essential to sustained growth and innovative performance. Each of our companies and brands uphold and support collaboration as a core strategic capability, which fosters the best results for our clients.





Powered by Talent

Highgate companies and brands work on big ideas everyday. To turn these ideas into reality, we depend upon talented employees who drive and deliver outstanding results. Because we consider each employee a valuable contributor to the continued success of each of our companies and brands, we are committed to empowering our employees and to giving them valuable opportunities to grow in their service to our clients.

Caring For Communities

We believe one of the best investments we can make is in our communities. That’s why Highgate and its companies and brands are committed to supporting, volunteering and giving back. From mentoring young entrepreneurs to supporting veteran causes, we provide creative, moral and financial support to organizations and back initiatives that help strengthen our communities and the world around us. By giving back today, we facilitate a better tomorrow.