Delivering Results

Each one of our brands deliver incredible value by delivering incredible results. By tailoring our services and products to meet the needs of specific market segments, our companies and brands possess robust bodies of knowledge, capabilities and expertise that fit our client’s operational domains. This approach to solution delivery empowers our companies and brands to drive performance and deliver results that best meet our client’s goals.


Threat Tec, LLC® provides Certified Red Team exercise support and immersive training environments to support U.S. military training.


Parari is a solution design consulting firm. They help clients develop and grow their ideas and organizations.


International Replica Arms Company is a recognized leader in the design and production of replica, display and simulated-fire machine guns.


Highgate Systems serves film, military and police as a leading source of authentic force-on-force combat costumes, weapons, props, effects and vehicles.


VEZI is a new technology that replaces paper manuals, with instantly accessible, interactive instructional guides


OpEx is a multi-platform exercise support tool that helps the military assess tactical effectiveness with instant feedback.