Threat Tec

Threat Tec Military Training

Threat Tec, LLC®, a veteran owned small business, provides Certified Red Team exercise support and immersive training environments to support U.S. military training and rehearsal exercises, as well as wargames, experiments, and operational tests and evaluations. Their specialized pool of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Threat Emulators (TEs), technology engineers, instructional designers, and threat analysts, rapidly design, develop and deploy tailored solutions that enhance battlefield realism and competitively challenge the training/testing audience. With mission success as the primary focus, Threat Tec dependably delivers effective solutions at a cost-efficient rate for the greatest return on investment.


  • Operational Environment Training Support
  • Opposing Force (OPFOR)
  • OE Subject Matter Experts
  • Coaching/Advising
  • Distributive Learning
  • Training Visualizations and Multimedia
  • Mobile Applications
  • Synthetic Training Environments
  • Wargaming Experimentation, Testing and Evaluation Support
  • Threat Emulation
  • Red Teaming
  • OE Analysis
  • Exercise Support

Contract Vehicles

SOCOM Wide Mission Support-B (SWMS-B) IDIQ
Warfighter Focus
GSA Mobis (Pending)